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Food for Thought.

'Cook and eat has made a massive difference to my family. We make homemade cooked food every night with vegetables. The children are enjoying new things; I have gained confidence and made new friends.'

Ladies around a table preparing food

'Me and my family think a lot more about food shopping and picking healthier options now I know about the traffic light system.'

Kath and Nat demonstrating food prep.

'The nutrition workshops have helped my little boy understand healthy and unhealthy foods making mealtimes more positive experience'

'The Forge have been my life saver, Katherine & Natalie are above all my inspiration. 'Such positive role models.'

Workshop group workin hard preparing food

'I suffer from anxiety; these courses have been relaxed and friendly and have given me a massive boost to my self-confidence.'

Cook and Eat is a great way to educate the kids about healthy food.

The Forge Family

Serving The Community Over 20 yrs.