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Evidence shows that there are multiple factors that affect our food choices. In order to change behaviour we must seek to address these aspects by taking a holistic approach.

  • Early life - the food eaten between conception and weaning influences how we respond to the food environment through a range of biological and psychological mechanisms.

  • Marketing is disproportionately used to promote unhealthy products.

  • Exposure to healthy vs unhealthy food and drink in the wider environment.

  • Poverty - Healthier diets are becoming more expensive.

  • Education and health promotion can help individuals to make healthy, informed food and drink choices.

  • Social influences - parents and carers can directly and indirectly influence their children's dietary preferences.

  • Technology - IPads, mobile phones, computers and games consuls play a part in sedentary lifestyles for both children and adults.

  • Social changes - Increasingly busy work lives and long commutes has led to a growing culture of eating convenience foods, both in the home and on the move.

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